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A colorless, tasteless, odorless vapor from that rises from teenage boys' crotches. The vapor has been proven to attract female high school teachers, hungry for an underage erection.

When combined with a tropical climate like Florida's, dick vapor becomes a potent compound, enveloping the boy in an invisible vapor cloud -- thus making him irresistible to the female faculty at his school.
"Mrs. Smith never used to pay attention to me until I started going through puberty and getting dick vapor. Now we have sex in the gym like every day. Plus, I have the best grade in class!"
by sidecarsally May 31, 2009
Also known as CPS or Rudolph Cock, Clown Penis Syndrome is when the glans (head) of the penis turns bright red like a Bozo the clown's nose.

The condition can occur after trauma to the penis, but CPS can also be mimicked with the use of a red marker.
"I got drunk and passed out at my frat house. When I woke up, two of my fraternity brothers were sucking my dick. I was furious, but then I realized they also gave me Clown Penis Syndrome with a red marker (as a joke), so we all had a laugh."
by sidecarsally June 21, 2009

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