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A beat spic nigger with no morals who throws best friends under the bus. Someone who will let anyone else pay the tab / do anything to get laid. #StayBeat #BrosBeforeHoes #SideDick
Dude you're such a Wik for telling Renee I do blow.
by Sick Fuck September 24, 2013
while fucking a chick doggy style, you spit on her back, to make her think you came. but when she turns around, you cum right in her eyes
Last night I gave Cassy a pair of Egyptian Sunglasses.
by sick fuck February 16, 2005
when one homosexual male is uncircumsized, and he slides his forskin over another homosexual males penis
"man, that was so awesome when you schnoogled my cock last night, it was like an oven mit...."
by sick fuck July 08, 2003

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