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Otherwise known as "slush fucking," the Siberian Chill is the act of pouring a fresh, ice cold slushie drink down a girl's anus and using it as a lubricant for anal sex.

(Warning: May cause your penis to go flaccid due to cold temperatures and may give the girl an extreme "brain freeze" sensation in the anus.)
After purchasing a slushie at the ice rink, Bob desperately wanted to try the Siberian Chill on his girlfriend because he was in the mood for something kinky and thought it would make his girlfriend's anus taste like berries.
by siberianchill February 03, 2013
Unlike the Texas Chili Dog, the Alaskan Chili Dog is the act of shitting in a container of some kind after taking a multitude of laxatives, freezing the shit over night, and placing the frozen block of shit on top of a white girl's face as she lies down in the sun, thus making the block of shit melt slowly all over her face, and eventually crusting into her skin, giving her the Jim Crow effect.

Will not work on black people or mexicans.
John contemplated doing the Alaskan Chili Dog on Jane because he was secretly into black people.
by siberianchill February 03, 2013
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