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When someone special tells you they love you, the feeling you get when you realize you don't love them back. You really don't want to hurt your friends feelings so thus bad feeling is an Lbomb.
EG 1
Mike " I think I'm falling in love with you!"

Dana "What! .........................................!"


Dana "Mike drop the Lbomb on me today!"

Breanne " So you don't love him? Did you tell him you should so just be friends?"

EG 2
Daniel "I love you so much!"

Pat "I like you a lot too!......."


Pat "Daniel droped the Lbomb today!!!!"

Brian "Does she know you're a player?"

Pat " Yeah!! She's a great gf but I don't love her back."

Brian " No hey?"

Pat "Too much interfearrance!!"
by shuga me May 18, 2010
Abreviation for go fuck a dead horse.
example one:

Bitch faced snake "You're such a xavier. I'm going to tell everybody!"

Lost friend "Actually NO I AM NOT. You are mistaken! GFADH!"

example two:

Dan the man "I broke up with GF."

Bitch faced snake "Xavier"

Dan the man "GFADH"
by shuga me June 04, 2010
You're a fuckin nightmare. Good riddance and goodbye. I take back all the shit I gave you, and all the fuckin money too.
Girl: Hey baby! How are you? What you been up to???

Guy: ..... Just working .....

Girl: That's it huh? Well we should get together then.

Guy: Um I can't do anything too broke.

Girl: Well lets just hang out then.

Guy: I'm too broke!

Girl: OK what's up?

Guy:.....that it.

Girl: Ya right. Tell me the truth. Boogyman
by shuga me June 29, 2010

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