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Someone who conforms to noncomformism. Due to contradiction, nonconformists do not technically exist in the same way human kindness does not exist.
I'm going to go buy a jean jacket at the used clothing store and cut off the sleeves and sow patches on it like my friend did. >>> What a noncomformist does.
by shubawop June 12, 2006
A mainstream musical posing as revolutionary with excellent melodies and dance and sound, but cliche, hackneyed, ridiculously abstract lyrics, interwoven with a few good songs. A good show, but terribly overrated. A good message, but relayed in a terribly melodramatic way. Interesting characters, but terribly underdeveloped. Glorifies neediness and the misuse of condoms leading to AIDS. Appeals to drama freaks who are often preppies in disguise. The great irony of the year (2006) is seeing girls in their Billabong shirts and Abercrombie and Fitch mini-skirst singing "La Vie Boheme." As a wise man once said, "Rent is worse than AIDS."
Ok, so, I went to American Eagle Outfitters and bought the CUTEST DRESS and I'm gonna borrow my friend's combat boots from Hot Topic so I can sing "Take Me Out Tonight" from Rent, my favorite musical, with a bunch of attention whores.
by shubawop June 12, 2006

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