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A term used to find out who is Asian or not. To ask some one "Got Rice" that would be to ask someone if they are asian.
Yo homie, you got rice?
by Shu November 14, 2003
1.The very rare homosexual Dinosaur.
2. Used as a term for some one who has had homosexual sexual intercourse more then 3 times in one day.
1.That's is the rare Megasorass skull.
2. Damm, that dude is a slut, hes a dirty megasorass.
by Shu November 14, 2003
25L is slang for 25 to lifewhich of course is a jail sentance in which one is imprisoned for 25 years-to the rest of their life.
I knew I shouldn't have killed that guy, now im locked up for 25L!
by Shu February 25, 2005
A very snotty person. Quite stuck up and rude to all others.
Damm, that kid is one Yellow Nose, lets beat his Yellow Nosed ass.
by Shu November 14, 2003
Some one who is Black and an Armo
Look over there its a blarmo.
by shu March 26, 2005
Someone who acts like the popular simpsons charecter Ned Flanders.
That minister is Flanders-Like.
by Shu November 14, 2003
A term used for the popular drug heroin.
Damm, how much for some Old Men?
by Shu November 14, 2003

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