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The Coolest Place On Earth.
Near M4
Habitat of Clare David
Free Clares' Parrot. She has imprisoned IT in a big old rusty cage. Please phone RSPB NOW.
by shroeder January 31, 2005
1. Known for eating his own booger. See also Pratt/Twat/Gimp.

2. Resembles John McCririck in action and appearance.

3. Lack's grasp of the real world. Sense of humour lacking, usually exhausts a funny comment by intermittent repeatitiveness.

4. Person, or persons who carry suitcases to school carrying everything he owns. See also gimp bag.

5. A gill grissom fan, non alcoholic forensic wannabe.
"Urgh, rhydian was in chemistry and was pickin his nose and he ate it! He had a box of tissues right next to him!"

"OMG Rhydian, why have you got a survival kit with you?"
by shroeder January 27, 2005
A super cool website for 6th Form. Check it out.


members include rhydian and clare david who both live in baglan

created by jay
Boy: What's your website again jay?
Jay: oh it's groups.msn.com/digidol-spyez, join, it's free!
Boy: Woah, cool. lol.
by shroeder February 25, 2005

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