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Anyone who is in the water in a known surf spot, who is not surfing. Rather they may be standing, splashing, wrestling, throwing a football, being pale white, wearing a t-shirt, floating, oblivious to the vessel headed towards them, in the way.
In the summer time tourist season you might say: "F#@kin bouys, messin up my wave, looking scared shitless when we lock eyes right before I interupt there splish splash session. Yet, they still don't leave".
by ShrimpShrimpShrimp November 20, 2010
A television, A.K.A death box. Used as a resource for staying up to date with current fads. Scroll through the channels and be informed as to how you should dress and which musicians you should like.
"This Christmas, all of the sheep will flock to the malls to blow their hard earned cash on flat screen HOLLYWOOD SQUARES.
by shrimpshrimpshrimp December 21, 2010
A Television
"Dude.Turn off the death box and go outside".
by shrimpshrimpshrimp December 21, 2010
The useless magazines found in the checkout lane at grocery stores.
You actually read those rags? They're full of garbage. Who cares who Lindsay Lohan is scrumpin?
by ShrimpShrimpShrimp November 20, 2010

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