14 definitions by shrimphead

(n) the sticky white crap that forms at the corner of your lips when you get drymouth
Yo, dude, Lana's coming. Clean that lipjizz off your mouth. It looks nasty.
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
1. (n) a person familiar with an inordinate number of skanky persons.

2. (n) a very skanky person who smells
1. Eric is a skankmeister. His sister's a whore and his wife is a skanky whore and his mom has scabies.

2. Jenny is a total skankmeister. She did Johnny yesterday afternoon and he's already on Valtrex. Plus, you can still smell the budussy on his face.
by shrimphead May 07, 2008
a gay person of the Asian persuasion
Yo, Allen is a total pingponger so watch your hole homes.
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
(n) immoderate smugness; the act of being smug at all times without temperament
I can't deal with Owen and the smuggetry of his whole crew. They're a bunch of duchebags.
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
(n) A wad of jizz in a glass of water, soda or alcohol or juice or other drinks intended to fool the drinker into consuming it
Check it out! Kyle is about to drink my jizz bomb.
by Shrimphead May 09, 2008
The horror and shame of getting old; especially when approaching the age of gray hair and arthritis.
Yo dude, Darryl is turning 40 next year. That's what I call geriatrocity.
by shrimphead February 28, 2009
An Italian girl raised by a traditional Italian Catholic family to be a virgin until marriage but since she is, in fact, a slutty hobag, takes in in the ass while she waits for Mr. Right.

Women who are not Italian and do this can also be called Italian Virgins.
BRAD: I don't think I want to see Anna. I heard she's a virgin and I would prefer not to waste my time.

GUIDO: Hey, don't worry! She's an Italian Virgin. She gladly takes it up the ass. If you marry her, she'll probably give you her vagina!

BRAD: Gee, that's swell. I've never had butt sex before so it'll be neat.
by Shrimphead February 24, 2011
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