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The one who get the herb man what he need.
"Hey man can i get a sack?"
"Fuck dude im out. I gotta re-up"
"Call up Dr. Greenthumb. Hes got some mad chronic"
by shredheadGENT July 29, 2009
A small area of pubic hair that sometimes can be found laying on the outer rim of any given toilet.
"I gotta piss man."
"Dude make sure to watch out for the porcelain shrubbery."

"Buy Oxy-clean! The fastest cleaning agent for your bathroom. Gets off even the sketchiest shrubbery!"
by ShredHeadGent July 22, 2009
The attempt of a lone surfer to amuse a small group of surfers by way of sick, masterful, wave-shredding.
Danielson- "I wish I could hang with the COOL surfers"
Satan- "You shall earn their respect by way of stoketactics."
by shredheadGENT July 29, 2009
As we humans finish up our doings in the restroom, we normally would wipe our area with a soft, comfortable tissue paper. When one forgets to perform this simple task of wiping, a single or several particles of feces get stuck to ones hair. This is sometimes called a dingleberry. Later on in the day when ones Swass moisturizes the dingleberry, the one with this issue will slowly get irritated to a point of no return. This emotional outburst is often called Crustfuss. Sometimes used in place of the word "PMS"
"FUCK you asshole im having a bad day!!"
"Dont worry, your just having a small case of Crustfuss."
by shredheadGENT July 29, 2009
When an amateur smoker rips out a piece of a bible or news paper, and uses it to roll one shitty ass joint.
"Hey you wanna rip that JankyPuff later?"
"Fuck you bitch, that aint no joint."
by shredheadGENT July 29, 2009

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