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from ireland.means to agree with something.its so true that you should chalk it down.
Paddy:Look at him,he's an awful tool.
Joe:Chalk it down
by shox October 14, 2004
a person who uses "sweet talk", eye winking, bribes and lies as well as any other form of deception to lure a member of the oppiste sex into his/her clutches.
Can only be used in close proximity to a small town or village- hence: local
John was know as the Lo-cal Sweetner in town due to his incredible effects on the females.
by Shox August 18, 2004
Used mainly to describe a horrific train crash or someone/ something who is severly disfigured.
for example -
"that poor tebby" (describing an ugly person)
Sometimes used in conjunction with the words "that fucking idiot".
eg- "that fucking idiot tebby just fell of a cliff"
by shox November 18, 2004
a person who takes their clothes off for the sole purpose of having rude, drunk and in most instances perverted men stare, yell and degrade them for the whopping sum of $1.

Often used discreetly while in the company of "important" people as to not allow this "important" person to know what you are talking about.

To be used in the place of the most commonly known : stripper
(as his boss walks by)
Eric: "So, How long has Fantasia been a Dogwalker?"
Roo: " About 5 Month's. And she loves it."
by Shox August 18, 2004

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