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2 definitions by shouldersurfergirl

A food item, high in starch or sugar (or both). Can be meal or snack. Induces initial blood sugar boost, followed by overwhelming sugar low or "carb comas" within a few hours of ingestion.
Krispy Kreme closed? What the hell? Where am I going to get my morning carbobomb?

Poutine has been described by a CNN personality as: "a carbo-bomb the likes of which you've never tasted before."

The carbobomb exploded at 3pm this afternoon. The only casualty: my ass.

by shouldersurfergirl January 08, 2008
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A deliberate act to subvert, obstruct or destroy, committed by a douchebag.
Thanks, car alarm, for sabodouching the audio during this taping.

Here's my birth certificate. But nice attempt at sabodouche, Donald Trump.

Yeah, he took me to Applebee's, texted the whole time and then made me pick up the check. He sabodouched himself big time.
by shouldersurfergirl December 02, 2011
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