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#1. A tool used, often in the form of an emoticon or acronym, that is relied upon to make a point or convey an emotion that the writer or speaker cannot do with their limited vocabulary.

#2: The use of acronyms like BRB, ROFL, OMG and WTF in spoken conversation as opposed to actually laughing, showing disbelief etc.

#3: A word, phrase or acronym that is so ingrained in someone's head, that they use without thinking if it's appropriate or even makes any sense at all.
Example of #1: She uses xD as a communication crutch because she isn't actually funny enough to make me laugh with only her words. She has to add that otherwise we wouldn't know it was a joke.

Example of #2: A person who uses 'ROFL' when speaking to them instead of actually laughing. This is a communication crutch because they either don't get the joke, don't know how to laugh or are just condescending assholes.

Example of #3: "I'm pretty sad, my grandma just died"
"That sucks lol"
"Why are you laughing about my grandma dying?"
"Sorry about that lol"
No matter what you say, this person has the communication crutch 'lol' and will automatically type it in every response.
by shoujoboy April 04, 2011
The combination of the popular celebrations of Tebowing and teabagging. In this you drop to one knee in prayer for your accomplishment while also dropping your nutsack on the face of the person your victory came at the expense of. This celebration allows you to fulfill your commitment to the Lord all the while showing your opponent who is boss.
The tight end could be seen Tebowbagging the safety that blew the coverage after his game-winning 50 yard touchdown reception.
by shoujoboy January 02, 2012
A word, consisting of a cuss word and any number of other words, that combines into one Franken-cussword. Unlike normal conjunctions such as can't and won't, cussjunctions often have a multitude of meanings and will usually be accompanied by other nonsensical conjunctions.
Examples of cussjunctions: sumbitch (son of a bitch), hella (hell of a) and mu'fucker (mother fucker).

Cussjunction in a sentence: It's colder'n a mu'fucker outside.
by shoujoboy May 11, 2011
A compromise that is reached where one side gets everything they want and the other gets little to nothing. The side getting nothing then claims they are happy with the deal and acts as if it was part of their plan the whole time.

Obampromise origin: Barack Obama’s willingness to stand tall in speeches about fighting for his principles but always rolls over to Republican demands. He gets nothing but still claims it was a mutual agreement.
“I wanted to go to Vegas for vacation but my girlfriend wanted to go to her mother’s house. We Obampromised and decided to go to her mother’s house. I think I got what I wanted in the end.”
by shoujoboy August 08, 2011
A friendship that can end just because of a disagreement on Facebook. As soon as one removes the other from their friend's list, the entire friendship is over and there will never be another word uttered between the two.
Usual suspects of the Facebook fragile relationship: People you've met online, people you've only recently started dating or old friends from grade school.
by shoujoboy July 31, 2011
The act of using social media and hashtags to call attention to a real world problem that will never be solved with clever Tweets and instead requires action from lawmakers, volunteers, military intervention or donations for research.
Did you hear about the Syrian warlord who has been killing innocent women and their cats? He's the president's brother so he's being protected but he needs to be stopped! #StopItRightMeow #Hashtactivism
by shoujoboy October 28, 2015
A perfectly thrown ball in bowling that results in a strike where all the pins are thrown in the air. There cannot be any slow rolling pins that nudge others down, sliding or ones that slowly lean and tip over, all pins must be completely throw in the air with explosive results.
"Mark was losing until he started throwing diarrhea balls like crazy. He ended with a turkey in the 10th."
by shoujoboy February 27, 2013

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