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A douchebag, or douche is a person, usually male, who has one of the following critereas:

1. He usually wears bright colored shirts, usually abercrombie and fitch or hollister. Sometimes they will wear a polo and keep the collar up for style.

2. They usually wear big ass belts, and feel the need to leave the front of the shirt tucked into it, leaving the big ass logo showing.

3. Although they are talk very loud, their voice gets much louder when they start talking about how much they got wasted or how they fucked their girlfriend.

4. 90% of what douches say is a lie or exaggerated.

5. They refer to their friend as ''bro'' or ''dawg''.

6. They usually have fun putting down weaker kids, just to look cool in front of others.

7. They have fun insulting each others mothers all day, but as soon as one says anything about another's girlfriend, the guy goes crazy.

8. Their sentences emphasize on swear words.
Nerd: Hey guys.

Douchebag 1: Get the fuck out, pussy ass bitch.

Douche 2: OMG bro your so FUCKING hilarious. Your so cool for insulting that nerd. This makes me even happier than yesterday when we got WASTED and I fucked my girl!!

Cool kids: Wow, what douchebags...they must be part of circle jerk.
by shotty bounce December 03, 2009

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