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having something catch you off guard.
ME: I need help studying for the test
HOT TEACHER: do you need me to teach you a lesson?
ME: I'm sorry, What?
HOT TEACHER: do you need me to teach you a lesson?
ME: Oh, You just threw me a curve ball.
by shotinthedark112 June 17, 2009
effects on noobies during the kick off. it mainly is a person who hasn't had a beer yet, and can't handle the first drink.

minor symptoms: (most likely to happen)
-acts strange
-tries to drink more beer thinking it'll wear off
-has a severe hangover

major symptoms: (least likely to happen; but still can happen)

-cringing face (doesn't like beer)
-tries to egg his/her way out of drinking another for the second kickoff
-passes out after the shot

-If this ever happens to somebody at a party, you could:

-help them out

-let them have their fun (get used to partying)

-leave them to die (not literally)
My friend got invited to his first party, he had to do the noobie kickoff. He got a one shot buzz from it. but he didn't pass out!
by shotinthedark112 June 17, 2009

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