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1. sweat in the region below the waist and above the upper thighs

2. ballsweat
I had some major duckfudder after running around all day.
by shorn June 21, 2005
a word used by the ignorant to describe the at times faulty and ultimately terrible gaming console known to most as the nintendo gamecube
you boys stop playing that cubevision or whatever it is and come eat some turkey with the family.
by shorn June 20, 2005
1. sweat in the area above the upper thighs and below the waist

2. ballsweat
I got some major duckfudder after placing my pack in an oven.
by shorn June 20, 2005
a word used to describe anyone who is oafish or is a lazy piece of crap
He can be a big cocksmooch sometimes.
by shorn June 20, 2005
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