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The word coolie is originated from the hindi word for baggage carrier. This term is associated with and ONLY with the indentured servants that came to GUYANA, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, & JAMAICA from INDIA. The word COOLIE can sometimes be mistaken for the word "dougla." But a "dougla" is someone that is a mixed with both african and indian decent. A COOLIE is a person that is only of full blooded INDIAN descent.
GYAL : Ay coolie bai wah yuh do ?
BAI : Nothing coolie gyal meh deh hea.

GYUL : Ay coolie bwoy, i tell yuh tuh put di ting ova der in di corna.
BWOY : Coolie gyul ah do it.

GAL : Wha gwan dey rude bwoy.
Bwoy : Nuttin, we guh lock it up tonite.
by shooorty February 02, 2008

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