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The bassist for the band Fall Out Boy who deserves a break from both overpowering audiences.
audience 1- mindless, band-wagon-hopping, teenyboppers. pete is not 'hawtttt' or 'shmexiii'. he's a person, not a piece of meat.
audience 2- whords of asshats who souly believe that the only people who like fall out boy are the ones who make out with his pictures. there is such a thing as a true fall out boy fan. mtv ruins lives and bands,and this is just another example. and besides, fall out boy beats shit out of "this is why im hot," and "BALLIN!" anyday.

**also, patrick writes all the music for the songs.pete just does lyrics, so everyone who claims that "pete's melodies and beats suck, he writes bad bass parts, etc." need to shove it. fuckers.

stupid_teeny_bopper1348 - OMHFG! fob rawks.i wen 2 da conzert.pete wentz be da shmexiiest boi eva.he be poppinn.n all hawt n sh*t.
me - wow.your so cool, its sickening.i mean really, its making me sick.
by shoobybooby September 11, 2007

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