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46 definitions by shomesomethin

Lubricant used before anal sex is performed.
Pack that ass with booty butter so it wont be a dry hump.
by shomesomethin July 20, 2010
A slang term for Lawrence, Kansas home to a bunch of left-wing, liberal wanna-be hippies. Also home to the biggest bunch of crybaby basketball fans that ever lived, who think that the Kansas Chickenhawks should win the NCAA tournament every year, but are proven wrong every single year.
The Missouri Tigers will stomp on the Kansas Jaybirds when they play in Larrytown.
by shomesomethin July 14, 2010
What is done to corn after it is removed from the stalk.
"shuck and jive": is a social activity that slaves (black employees) once participated in by large groups (before the advent of modern farm equipment used to "shuck" corn) to chat idly, gossip, or tell lies, spread rumors or (in rare cases) convey news or true, sincere feelings
by shomesomethin June 26, 2010
The first band ever to garner world-wide success by word-of-mouth only, while being totally rejected by music critics, world wide. Started in 1968 by former Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page, and poular session musician/arranger John Paul Jones, who were both formally trained,well seasoned musicians. Line-up completed with the addition of former Band of Joy vocalist/lyricist Robert Plant and self-taught percussionist John Bonham, two teenagers who considered themselves "country bumpkins" at the time.
First musical effort as a group was the first few bars of the Yardbirds "Train Kept a Rollin", which created a spark of energy that lasted until September 20, 1980..... the day John Bonham died of alcohol poisoning. The remaining three musicians had enough respect for their creativity,as a whole, their body of work, their fans, and John Henry Bonham to subsequently end their career as LedZeppelin.
An indication of their ongoing popularity and enormous fan base was realized when, in October 2007 it was announced the three surviving members would re-unite, to perform one show, as LedZeppelin, with the son of their late drummer...Jason Bonham. The show was sold out in twenty minutes, when the LedZeppelin website crashed, receiving over 1 million requests for the 20,000 seats available at Londons O2 Arena. The event was a memorial for the death of Ahmet Ertegun, the president of Atlantic records who signed LedZeppelin in 1968.
A LedZeppelin concert would generally reach well over 100 decibals just from crowd noise alone, before the band ever went onstage.
LedZeppelin once earned over 900,000 dollars for a 3 hour show in Oakland Ca., in 1973, something few bands have done since.
Top albums: Zoso (#4) aka the symbols LP, includes Stairway to Heaven, a song considered to be their enduring masterpiece.
Physical Grafitti (#6) a double album.
LedZeppelin III (#3)
Least popular album: In through the out door. (#9)
by shomesomethin June 26, 2010