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What all forms of hip-hop or Rap are, whether east-coast or west coast or gangsta-rap, it is all loved,appreciated and recognized only by an unintelligent, non-educated, ever growing group of mentally void, soulless young people who are afflicted with the herd instinct, who only know how to follow, or copy someone elses ideas or style or dress code.
Ice-T, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, 50-cent, Lil Kim, and Lil Wayne are all forms of shittalk.
Ebonics consists of lots of shittalk.
by shomesomethin July 13, 2010
compuswear, or compswear or compcussing is: to change the spelling of certain cuss words, to bypass the automated filter most websites use to eliminate cuss words... such as those used on public forums or blogs.
Fvck or phuck, and $hit or pi$$ and ni&&er or nigga, and @sshole are all forms of compuswear.
by shomesomethin July 13, 2010
A language consisting of shortened or abreviated terms; used both on the computer in chat rooms or blogging/comments, and for text messages, for those who cannot spell or type very well.
lmao, roflmao, lol, wtf, and IMO are all compuspeech,
by shomesomethin July 13, 2010
When spoken quickly sounds like "bobberann", slang term for a girl who is known to perform oral sex willingly.
Susie got to be well-known around school as a Barbera Ann, because she woukd rather give head, than fuck, because she was saving herself for her future husband.
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
A hotslot is a prostitute; a woman who has sex so often that her genetalia may still be warm or wet, from one John to the next.
Dude #1: Hey check out that babe !
Dude #2: Yeah she may look fine, but wear a rubber if you get with her man, she's a real hotslot !
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
RAP is a dialect of slang terminology that can only be appreciated by the non-intelligent, unintellectual, elementary educated type of people who employ extremely poor speech on a regular basis, due to the belief that it sets them apart from mainstream society.
The vast majority of people under 30, today like RAP because they believe others perceive them as "cool" or "hip" or "a gangsta", or "tough".
by shomesomethin July 11, 2010
A state of mind that all people who have migrated to california have been afflicted with, see also naivety, idiocy, airhead, dumbass. People with California syndrome are so foolish as to think that the whole world revolves around all things that happen in California, specifically L.A. and Hollywood. These poor people, for reasons unknown, feel they must dress, talk, act, and behave like their "Gods"; all of the actors who work in Hollywood, and make millions of dollars while having little or no talent whatsoever, who succeed by selling the worst films ever made, to their fellow Californians, along with their idea of what "trendy fashion" is.
Any group of people who would elect Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger as their state governor is collectively afflicted with California Syndrome.
by shomesomethin July 13, 2010
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