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Lee H. Oswald was a patriot of the American people, who stood for everything that the United Socialist States of American government is against.
The government knew that if John F. Kennedy wasn't eliminated, then the Viet Nam "police action" would never have happened, and several govt. contractors would go completely broke, and their would have been no protection for the oil companies who were "wildcatting" for oil in the area at the time.
Kennedy was killed in the classic "triangulation of fire" using 3 different expert rifleman, who were most likely hired by the C.I.A.
Someone had to be sacrificed, to take the blame for the assassination, and Lee Oswald was the perfect candidate. He had recently defected from the USA and then returned to Texas with his new russian bride. At the time, the majority of the American public were foolish enough to believe any story that the government perpetuated, no matter how absurd.
Lee Oswald had not fired any kind of rifle in years, at the time of his alleged involvment, in the shooting.
by shomesomethin June 30, 2010
Robbing artistic producers, which is what the majority of rap purveyors are doing, by sampling (stealing) from other artists, mainly rock.

RAP is not music, and is very difficult to be considered music by any stretch of the word,
RAP is actually Rhythym and poetry... piss poor poetry, which was at one time very unique, until the second or third RAP spitter became popular, then it went south, because everything done since that very first one, has the same lyrics, just shifted around to a different computer beat.

RAP is popular because too many white juveniles want to fit in by appearing to be a "gangsta" or a "playa" because they listen to it.
RAP is popular with young blacks because it talks about the only things that many of them truly understand: poor speech, lack of formal education, lack of respect for themselves and anyone who doesn't look act and talk like them.
RAP exemplifies the "herd instinct" to look, talk, think and dress alike, just like the military, or the police, like one big "Gang mentality"... ie; no sense of individuality, which, of course means that RAP lovers need leadership, like sheep, and other bovines, thus, they follow the "lead" of the uneducated, unintelligent "wish they could be" musicians/poets.
RAP and it's popularity is proof of the sorry state of America, now that the uneducated, morally void have set a trend that has gained a massive following of ignorant youth.
The onset of this trend was the mid-1970's, when corporal punishment was outlawed in the public school system.
by shomesomethin June 26, 2010
A state of mind that all people who have migrated to california have been afflicted with, see also naivety, idiocy, airhead, dumbass. People with California syndrome are so foolish as to think that the whole world revolves around all things that happen in California, specifically L.A. and Hollywood. These poor people, for reasons unknown, feel they must dress, talk, act, and behave like their "Gods"; all of the actors who work in Hollywood, and make millions of dollars while having little or no talent whatsoever, who succeed by selling the worst films ever made, to their fellow Californians, along with their idea of what "trendy fashion" is.
Any group of people who would elect Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger as their state governor is collectively afflicted with California Syndrome.
by shomesomethin July 13, 2010
bullbit is an exaggeration, or outright lie that somebody puts right in the middle of a true story, a bullbit is usually used as an attempt to make the storyteller appear to be cool. A bullbit is a tiny bit of bullshit that can change a story drastically or just slightly, depending on where, in the story, it is inserted.
His recap of the story was pretty much right on the money, except for the bullbit he tossed in at the end, to try to impress the chicks.
by shomesomethin July 13, 2010
A term used for a female who hangs out in the pits at any type of race track ( usually a circle-track or a drag strip) for the sole purpose of getting seen with the winning drivers.
A track-ho trades sex for the priveledge of being seen with a winning driver.
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
A p-pad is a very small passenger seat on a motorcycle (usually a hardtail) mounted on the rear fender of the bike.
It is just big enough for a female to set her ass on, about enough padding to keep her pussy off the fender. Also refered to as a pussy pad.
Needless to say, it is very uncomfortable.
Bikerchick; Take me for a ride on your bike !
Biker: Okay but there ain't no seat except mine, all you get to sit on is a p-pad !
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
The ignorant idea that life is somehow better in California than it is in any other state.
All the punks in jail, in just about any place except California have this dumbass Calimentality.
by shomesomethin July 14, 2010

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