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2 definitions by shockhorrorbecky

From scouseland;

-Someone who goes to something they weren't actually invited to
- Someone who butts into, or who is listening to a conversation
- Someone who tags along

Can be used as a noun or verb- "gegging in"

"Is it okay if I geg with you at that party tonight?"
"Tony was definately gegging into our connversation before"
"Jess is such a geg"
by shockhorrorbecky April 26, 2008
1) A lesson in which you do nothing
2) A smaller version of a party in which you sit round and drink with slightly less people.
"we had a sit off because it was the end of term"
"I'm having a bit of a sit off in mine on saturday"
by shockhorrorbecky April 26, 2008