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Qualified in the arts of drug using, dealing, and selling.
Man that fool is a skyhighatrist, he can get u anything
by shobobo March 28, 2005
A over-bearing and over-loving mother whose pressure feels like a pillow over the face i.e. smothering you
Tommy: The mothering thing, okay. You’re smothering him with the moth- you’re a smother's mother . That’s what you are. You, you know what I mean? It’s like a pillow, a love pillow that you’re holding over the kid. He can’t breathe.
by shobobo July 14, 2010
Andrew Imboden ain't got shit on Chris Cuthbertson man, he holds the world record for macking and orgasm giving skills, I heard that he can give a woman a squirting orgasm in under 10 seconds, he has got to be the greatest pimp eva
Andrew: Man I wish i was that guy, hell never be second to anyone in women skills and pleasure. I wish my dick was as big as his.
by shobobo March 27, 2005
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