38 definitions by shoVel

The release of sperm.
"I just skeet my load on her ass"
by ShOvel July 24, 2003
Reffering to a person in a gang
that holds the status of a solja.
"Mark is looking for that gangsta wanna be's that jumped him, he's gonna beat some ass one by one.
by shoVel February 13, 2005
1:An overweight female that has huge camel toes that are usually quad.
2:The alphanumerical value abbreviation
of the number four (4).
"Whoa.. that chick is a quad."
by shoVel July 27, 2003
<noun> "Womans breast"
"Yo, them babalonians is fly girl, what size are they?"
"She got a babalonian reduction."
by shoVel October 07, 2006
(1)reffering to the fecal matter that comes from the anus.

"Damn, I got skrid on the toilet seat."
"Skrid, U aint gonna do shit!"
by ShOvel July 24, 2003
The complete opposite of a Yankee.
That simple.
"Yes, I am a Rebel and very proud to be one. Do not let the stereotypical Redneck scheme portray a true Rebel."
by shoVel July 27, 2003
One of You're friends name.
"Hey, is that Pooky over there?"
by shoVel July 25, 2003

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