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32 definitions by shoRty

Can I f@#k
Rick: Mary are we still going out tonight?
Mary: yes, where you wanna go?
Rick: well it depends, CIF??
by shorTy August 18, 2012
7 15
To strike a limb against something solid; usually a leg against a coffee table or other furniture.
"Oh man. I just barked my shin on that stupid glass coffee table again. You can't see it at all!"
by Shorty March 19, 2005
4 13
A group of nine excessivly homosexuals that think it is cool to use alliteration to name themselves and they will get more respect for it. The funny thing is though that everyone thinks they are, in fact, a group of nine flaming homos. Also see circle jerk and doggystyle to see what they do together
Dude you're being so gay... either get the dick outta your ass or join the naked nine.
by shorty February 15, 2005
7 16
what elderly women call the coochie
"Look at lil Sussy, giving up her turtle to them fast lil boyz"
by Shorty February 23, 2005
2 19
A small boy who wears an oversized jacket.
lOOk at that gucci baby
by shorty November 30, 2004
8 28
calf preserved in formaldehyde, usually found in many a biology cupboard
oh look there is a koof
by shorty May 29, 2004
7 49
Overkill on some material things
Her nails are so jacked up with that jewlery and rhinestones
by shorty April 08, 2003
7 49