32 definitions by shoRty

Something your grandma says to "compliment" something cute or ambigious
You don't want your grandma saying the shirt is "sheekeedeekee"...time to get a new wardrobe...
by shorty February 17, 2005
"Yo, what up son?"
"My kizzuh"
by shorty March 02, 2003
Rahul Bhandari!!! someone who is a chav and has a BIG arse!..hence, chav-arse!
"Chavarse" (High pitched voice!)
by Shorty December 08, 2003
Crappy computer. Shite is rarely used.
by Shorty September 20, 2003
yummy satisfying goodness!!
TIM: WOW we should throw this cake at Karl's face!

Rlaph: No dont throw that cake (yummy satisfing goodness) at Karl! We dont want to wast a good cake (yummy satisfying goodness) on such a ugly face! Lets eat it to satisfy our hunger!
by Shorty May 05, 2005
Someone who is really stupid!
Just do us a fav...and shut up!
by Shorty July 25, 2004
Can I f@#k
Rick: Mary are we still going out tonight?
Mary: yes, where you wanna go?
Rick: well it depends, CIF??
by shorTy August 18, 2012

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