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A sort of useful program letting you make a menu, flashy scene buttons and then burn onto a DVD. Doesn't crash as much as windows movie maker, though it lacks quite a few features. It comes with vista premium and ultimate. 1 of the only 2 things MS got right: Windows DVD Maker, Windows XP
I made a very professional looking DVD of Team Fortress 2 gameplay with windows DVD maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And It didn't crash!!!! w00t!!!!!
by shnizel June 19, 2008
The act of a bad blow job when the girl just laps the tip of the penis like a cat enjoying a fresh dish of milk.
I thought patty was going to give me a great blow job but she only went at it like cat nip
by SHNIZEL January 31, 2014
soundblaster is a line of soundcards from creative labs that have a history of crappy drivers. Now, there cards install and work well. The sound quality blows away the onboard realtek junk.
I got a soundblaster X-fi xtremegamer hooked up to 5.1 channel surround sound. Before, I had onboard realtek junk hooked up to stereo speakers!
by shnizel June 17, 2008

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