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an individual or a group of individuals that has been inducted into the likeness of a schmoopie. it is considered an honor in many cultures. schmoops must be invited into the schmoop class by the 4 schmoopiest ladies. it is possible to be part of the schmoops for an hour (honorary schmoops of the hour), a day (honorary schmoops), or a lifetime ( your name + schmoops).
schmoops is always used with your name in front of it. nicknames + schmoops are also possible. (ex. baby schmoops, meat schmoops, tour manager schmoops, papaw schmoops, wild schmoops, attention schmoops)
emmy schmoops, katie schmoops, bethie schmoops, and sara schmoops are getting together tonight to schmoop it up.
by shmoopie schmoops July 31, 2006
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