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1. A different spelling of the name "Brianna". From the Irish name "Brian", but the female version.
2. The classic "bitch" character in preteen-teen movies.
3. A jock, a typically dark brown haired girl who is attractive, but kind of stupid and sorta mean.
4. An earthy creative individual, easy to talk to, compassionate- however overly nice at times, to hide real feelings. Commonly has an abnormally close guy friend and is known for making bad decisions with guys... who frequently turn out to have some odd sexual preference. She also has NO gaydar. She also tends to date guys/girls with rhyming names.
5. The nice waitress at Applebee's... yeah the one that smiled at you that one time.
1. "Breanna went to Dubland to visit some distant relatives."
2. Evil step sister in "A Cinderella Story", arch rival trying to steal her man in Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's "Fun in the Sun"
3. "I was playing soccer with Breanna, and she missed the ball."
"HAHA! That's so funny... she's so stupid."
"yeah, but no. Then she punched me in the face"
4. "Hey what did you do this weekend?"
"Hung out with Breanna"
"Aww i love her, what did you guys do?"
"well we just kinda chilled, and then she decided to hook up with zak- ew."
"was mike with you guys?"
"yeah, he's ALWAYS with her."
"wait... isn't zak gay?"
"Nope he's bi, like Jack"
5. "dude where do you wanna go for dinner?"
"brooo let's go to applebee's... that cute chick breanna hooked me up with a free dessert last time."
by shmelvin89 October 02, 2007

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