1 definition by shmantosheartssoulmatejiggs

1. (n) two girls that are obsessed with food and have food on their minds pretty much always at the same time. They usually love cheese, Coca-Cola, hot wings and sandwiches above all.
2. (n) two girls who look like their dads that are happy they actually look like "humans". They have beautiful curves they are proud of!
3. (n) again..two girls that love food so much they actually have a hand symbol *FK* for their fat kid status
4. (n) commonly these people will simultaneously steal a bit of food from a party and try to hide it only to find out that they both have done it :)
5. (n) nicknames for these people are Jigglypuff and Shmancakes, showing their fat kids status even more clearly

SYN: Ziploc and BX
1. "Hey! Look at those fat kids over there eating all that damn Fatoush!"
2. "If we fat kids didnt have this fat, we couldnt make this sound by slapping our stomachs!"
4. "I took a slice of cheese"..."Haha serisouly? Cause I took a bun! Haha"
5. "Hey Shmancakes, you wanna go to D2 and eat?" "Nah dude, lets go to Ryans steakhouse!"

SYN: like #1: "Hey! Look at Ziploc and BX over there eating all that damn Fatoush!"
by shmantosheartssoulmatejiggs October 21, 2004

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