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Yeshua or Y'shua, the most common form of the name "Jesus" when "Jesus Christ" was alive. "Yeshua" means "He saves".
JOHN 5:43, the Messiah said, "I have come in My Father's name (Yahweh)". Many Hebrews take this quite literally and insist that the Saviour's name was therefore Yahshua (or even Yahwehshua) rather than the more common Yeshua.
by Shlomoh HhananYah Geffen July 15, 2006
"Yahshua" means "Yah(weh) saves". Commonly understood by the Hebrew people as being the true name of the man commonly called "Jesus Christ".
JOHN 5:43, The Messiah said, "I have come in My Father's name, but, you did not recieve Me. Another will come in his own name, and him you will recieve."

"Yeshua" means "He saves" and was the most popular form of the name which is now commonly translated into English as "Jesus". But, "Yahshua" means "Yah saves", and therefore contains the name of The Father "Yah" (Weh). See Psalm 68:4.

Compare MATTHEW 1:16 and LUKE 3:23.
by Shlomoh HhananYah Geffen July 17, 2006
Yah, short form of the name of the Creator, Yahweh (Yah Weh?) as found in the Hebrew Bible. Seen as "-jah" or "-iah" at the end of many Biblical and/or Hebrew names.
PSALM 68:4,
"Sing to the Almighty, sing out His name! He rides upon the clouds, and Yah is His name. Rejoice before Him!"
by Shlomoh HhananYah Geffen July 22, 2006

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