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sexual position; in 69, the man is on top and as the woman is sucking his penis, his balls are resting in her eyesockets

usually done with a woman of a lower class or just ugly
1"Don't bat your eye lashes when you give me an arabian saddle. You know it tickles."

2"That fugly bitch is so desperate, she lets me have an arabian saddle every night."
#sex #positions #love-making #angry dragon #blow job
by shla'tekkin May 05, 2009

what a man makes when he has a wet dream or premature ejaculation
1."You think I'm gonna sleep with you now? All you did was touch my tit and you got trouser phlegm all over your pants!"

2."When I woke my son this morning, he had trouser phlegm in his pajamas. Must of dreamt of the neighbor girl again."
#spooge #cum #dick sneeze #jizz #skeet #sperm #semen #penis gravy #knuckle children #baby batter
by shla'tekkin May 05, 2009

used to describe something unwanted or stupid. similar to gay
1."You like my car? It's a pinto."

"Man, why would you drive a car as cracker as that?"

2. "My computer crashed again? What a cracker!"
#gay #cracker #stupid #retarted #awsp #e
by shla'tekkin May 05, 2009
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