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A very annoying creature often suffering from digestive upsets and menstrual pains. It was first discovered in 1993 when a large group of people started to behave very similarly.They all seemed to have a certain weakness for chocolate,which would have numerous side effects on them when provided with it. These include: increased naughtiness and sexual desires towards/for the same sex.Best way to protect yourself from it is to either salivate excessively or fart as both these events will cause the semina to be disgusted or (to be more precise) "turned off". Naming each and everyone of them as semina originated from the fact that during sexual intercourse semen is secreted by the gonads. Semen is an organic fluid also known as seminal fluid, thus explaining the reasoning to the name given to these creatures.
Oh you (nymphomaniac) chocolate lover, could you be more of a semina?
by shkatou December 26, 2009
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