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<read in irish-esque accent>
so, ya wake up one mahrnin', and ye drank a wee bit too much last nite. and ya hav a massive headache. now, this headache, it makes ya feel like shit. and yer nose starts to bleed, cuz your so damn hungover. now, ya walk outside to get some fresh air, and yer neighbors shittin on your lawn (welcome mat if u live in the city). you say 'hey asshole! stop it, and clean it up.' so he give's ye the finger and cracks ya in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. so, y'ave a concussion. and ya think 'shit this hurts, i better go to der hossspitallll.......'. so ya run 2 redlights, cuz y'uv become so dizzy that ya can't straight, or colors for that matter. so on the third, you're too fucked up to notice the 18 wheeler thats about to blindside ya. so ya wake up in the hospital, with no car insurance. so to recap....

-bloody nose
-shit in the lawn
-totalled car
-4000 gallons of spilled gas from the truck
-broken ribs, legs, arms, neck, and you can never get boner again.
-and a cop writin u a ticket for not havin car insurance.

all cuz yer buddy said, 'yer 'avin a bad day, come to this party with me'
shit thats a bad day.
by shizzle izzle dizzle pizzle August 16, 2005

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