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2 definitions by shizzl sinizzl

a country where swiss always buy their stuff because it's cheaper there
"let's go to da migros and buy some stuff"
"no u dirty rich-ass muthafukka. i'm going across da german border and buy my stuff there at aldi!"
by shizzl sinizzl March 07, 2005
slang word, actually spelled m.o.t.h.e.r.f.u.c.k.e.r.; meaning

1.)a guy who has sexual intercourse with his "mutha" --> mother.
2.)an asshole, even worse than an asshole so the term muthafukka is what he deserves
3.)all the stupid people who read this shit
1.)"Ey I saw your mutha last night! she's a real MILF!"
"'course she's a milf, why you think i fuck her every night?"

2.)"hey, you're a fuckin' jerk!"
"at least not as worse as you, muthafukkkka!"

by shizzl sinizzl March 12, 2005