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Someone who isn't stupid enough, or gullible enough, to believe in magic, or silly creation myths, especially those of certain ancient, backwater desert tribes.
"At my bible study we were studying Genesis and how God created the Earth and the heavens in 7 days."

"Thats just fucking stupid, i'm an atheist, now get the fuck of my porch."
by shitty von shittenheimer August 17, 2011
Any badass, ass kickin', freedom fightin', shitty beer drinkin', gay ass soccer hatin', bald eagle ridin', foreigner suspectin' dude that will wipe his ass with your stupid books, and thinks that you can shove your bullshit diplomacy up your scary ass. And if you don't like it then wuz up?
"John, who was that drunk raving lunatic wiping his arse with the Union Jack."

"I dare say he was an American."
by shitty von shittenheimer August 17, 2011
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