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2 definitions by shitstain4

Fecal Dick was is a NJ-based satirical punk/hardcore/experimental band that formed in 2009, featuring screeching, brash female vocals and whammy-excessive electric guitar. Fecal Dick is notorious for its references to widely-known commercials and viral internet videos such as Tourette's Guy, Disney eggs, the Double-Pits to Chesty Axe commercial, the Taco Bell Diet, the "Garbage Day" video, and Mountain Dew. A few of their songs include "Mountain Douche", "It's Not Chocolate", and "Turd Surfin' USA"
No, I'm not talking about what I did last night; I was referring to the band, Fecal Dick.
by shitstain4 April 16, 2010
5 2
1. A song by the band Fecal Dick.
2. What you look like when you drink Mountain Dew.
1. I'm going to dedicate the song "Mountain Douche" to my ex, because he IS a mountain douche.

2. Check out the mountain douche to your right.
by shitstain4 April 16, 2010
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