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Someone who only buys games like call of duty, halo, and gears of war just to get themselves "in" with the gamer crowd. Wannabe gamers commonly overuse words like "n00b" "p0wn" and "l33t".

Many people wonder why anyone would want to be considered a gamer, as gamers commonly live in their parents basement off pizza and 2 liter bottles of soda. This is a mystery still unsolved by modern science.
Bubba: Dude should I invite Dick to come play some mass effect with us on Friday?

Chazz: Nah brah Dick is just a wannabe gamer he probably doesn't even know what mass effect is.
by shitler!! February 19, 2011
An NFL football game that is (reportedly) played in Hawaii the week before the Super Bowl. Despite several claims that is does in fact exist, no one has ever actually seen it, and it is widely considered to be a myth.
Bubba: "Dude, I was flipping through the channels and I think I saw a Pro Bowl!"

Chazz: "Shut up Bubba everyone know's there's no such thing as a Pro Bowl."
by shitler!! January 28, 2011
A term to refer to people who constantly talk about, watch, or listen to Glee. A play on the word "gleek."
Bubba: Wanna watch some Glee?

Chazz: Dude, I'm not a gleeggot.
by shitler!! February 19, 2011
The flood of piss sucked into the sewers during the Super Bowl halftime show. No one wants to miss any of the football, or the commercials, so they piss while Tom Petty is singing for the first time since the 1800s, The Rolling Stones are slowly dying onstage, or Janet Jackson is giving her chesticles some air.
Bubba: "Yo Chazz I gotta go pee but I don't want to miss the commercials what should I do?"

Chazz: "Just go while the Black Eyed Peas are singing or rapping or whatever they do. You can contribute to the Super Bowl Flood."
by shitler!! January 29, 2011

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