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n. a hairstyle in which all hairs on the head are the same length, but the haircut can be affected by sleep - this typically occurs when the hair is between #4 comb and #6 comb in length.

A Poor Sken is generally regarded as a rubbish haistyle and is typically sported by males who are 'growing out' a skinhead.
Guy A : "I'm getting pretty tired of all this hair, I might just skin it."

Guy B : "Remember the last time you did that, you had to put up with a poor sken for a couple of months whilst you were growing it out."

Guy A : "Oh yeah, I forgot about that"
by shiteshave November 11, 2010
Diminutive gentleman of Welsh/Italian ancestry
Dude 1 - That jockeyara is walking like he's shat himself.

Dude 2 - Yes, what a peculiar side profile!
by shiteshave October 13, 2009

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