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I heart chi-town needs a life. New York crime-ridden? Let's do a little breakdown here, honey:

New York: 8 million people, 572 murders in 2004.
Chicago: 2.8 million people, 460 murders in 2004.

New York's murder rate: 6.9 per 100,000
Chicago's murder rate: 16.5 per 100,000

I've been to Chicago and there's no comparison to New York. Of course you think Chicago's safer, because you racists do a damn good job of hiding your poor and minorities. Outside of downtown, Chicago is indistinguishable from Detroit. There's an utter lack of quality culture compared to New York and the people are ignorant, arrogant, blue-collar Midwestern heifers. Half the people who I know from Chicago moved to New York and said it was the best thing they ever did. Only two of my friends from New York who moved to Chicago have deigned to say they like it.

So keep your segregation, your dirty lake, your even dirtier river, your autocratic mayor, your horrid public schools, your criminal police department, your high crime, and your damn Sears Tower. You are the second city and you always will be.

Wait, that's right. LA's the second city. That makes you THIRD.
If New York were shit-cago's (lack of capitalization intentional), size, it would have 193 murders a year.

If shit-cago were New York's size, it would have 1,400 murders a year.
by shit-cago March 17, 2005

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