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The gratuitous display of a particularly unkempt homosexual male's anal region. This region includes the cornhole and the taint. Due to the bugger's abhorence of hygiene, a cake or patty typically coagulates consisting of fecal matter, semen in various stages of decomposition, saliva -some, his own-, dirty hemoglobin, lubricant, sweat, stray pubic hairs, powder - medicated and/or ground club drugs, and lint and/or miniscule cotton fibers from rarely-worn underpants. The "show" is usually demanded by hyper-aggressive peers at a sweet sausage party otherwise known as a gathering of gay males.
"Randy is so impressionable. It doesn't take much prodding to get him to give us all a cake show."
by shit taster August 02, 2009
Essentially voracious kissing; or, when the act of kissing reaches such a hyper-aroused level that it resembles the act of eating out an asshole or vagina.
Mildred, your lips look so juicy that I want to fucking eat out your mouth!
by shit taster August 22, 2013
1. - refers to a man's biological preserves. Naturally, the bag denotes the man's scrotal sack. One could say that a man's balls are the fruit of his loins. Therefore, only jelly could flow from them; 2. - man preserves.
Smitten Wife: This English Muffin needs something.
Devoted Husband: Gee, Honey, how about some jam, egg yolk, or butter?
Smitten Wife: Those sound okay but inadequate.
Devoted Husband: Oh, I know! How 'bout some bag jelly?!
Smitten Wife: Baby, you really know me!!!

Happily ever after..........
by shit taster July 30, 2009
The act wherein a man is about to ejaculate but chooses to hold back his load while holding his breath until the point of explosion. This results in the first squirt of semen taking the form of a puffed mushroom cloud. The puffed effect stems from the redirection of air due to the breath being held in addition to the eventual oral exhalation. The puff can also be emitted from the phallus in the shape of a freshly spun wisp of cotton candy and tastes just the same.
My girl was giving me a blowjob and I held back until I couldn't hold anymore and I blinded her with a kreme-puff.
by shit taster September 23, 2009
Method of sex wherein two are loving in a bathtub while employing a glow-in-the-dark rubber. Depending on where you call home - i.e. marshy locale - you may want to poop in the tub after eating something especially disagreeable to your intestines. For best results, stir the enchanting buttpourri into the your bath evenly. Before insertion, the man will want to gyrate his hips and buttocks so as to mimic the fluid serpentine motion of an electric eel in a freshwater rivulet. This will startle the woman who will then step on the frightened "eel" mercilessly. Ironically, this makes it easier for the man to slide his flattened illuminated penis into his significant other's pruned vagina without friction.
Jeff sounded like he was going through puberty during the electric slide.
by shit taster September 13, 2009
Refers to the post-coital act of aggressive affection wherein a man finishes in his partner’s mouth and follows his release with a punishing blow to the semen recipient’s tummy forcing he or she to emit the pearl jam onto his chest/collarbone region. The freshly glazed man then has the option to permit his partner to retrieve the load in a fitting way. Furthermore, the shooter can then ask for or take back his splooge making the whole debacle an elaborate method of felching.
I was initially leary at the prospect of a Pennsylvania Love Tap from my boo, but I have to admit, I really dug it.
by shit taster July 09, 2009

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