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The human anus, specifically when it is encrusted with fecal matter (i.e. shit).
Beware the unfortunate repercussions of poking the chocolate starfish!
by Shit Brick August 19, 2004
The person(s) on the set of an adult film whose sole purpose is to clean up any stray male ejaculate (i.e. jizz) that happens to have hit the floor or furniture
My friend's dad was the jizz mopper for The Hedgehog's last film.
by Shit Brick July 02, 2003
A woman whose sole purpose in life is to be a repository for the sperm of any available man.
That bitch is nothing but a fuckpiece,
by Shit Brick July 02, 2003
Feces, human or otherwise, excreted in such a fashion that they form a patty or cake, as opposed to the more common loaf or sausage form factor in which defecation is typically found
When I went into the bathroom, a corn-laden shitcake peered up at me from the toilet bowl.
by Shit Brick July 02, 2003
Female masturbation using the fingers only; the pubic hair, of course, represents Willy's beard, and the vagina, Willy's mouth.
I caught my mother gagging Willy Nelson in her room last weekend.
by Shit Brick July 02, 2003
Particularly abhorent or dreadful
Damn! That hooker is truly skanktacular.
by Shit Brick July 02, 2003
An expletive phrase to be used as an alternative to the more crass "Fuck you" or "Go fuck yourself"; also a more creative alternative to "eat shit", though not as damning as "eat shit and die".
I invited that prick who enjoys listening to Wayne Newton records to eat a box of shit.
by Shit Brick August 19, 2004

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