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3 definitions by shirre

1. A word used to describe a chunkyguy.

2. A chunky/ other wise not bad looking white dude.

3. A dumb blonde male with over chunked ego.
"Damn that boy gettin big! What a pork-chop!"
"Yeah, he's a fat ass, but he's a cute little pork-chop!"
She was compelled to notice him, due to his stupidity and 'bad ass' attitude, "what a freakin pork-chop!"
by shirre February 09, 2005
8 5
The mental state a person trips on when falling in love.

The mental and physical stages of new love.
He is usually so in control, what would make him act like such a puss? He is gettin dip-shit-stupid!
by shirre February 09, 2005
5 4
Something the 75% of women who lie about orgasm do with inexperienced, or otherwise lazy men, and have no intention of telling the stupid putzs. It is a "EGO boost" for the men, you know so the species doesn't die out.
"She had casual sex with him, because he could not dress it up enough to make it GOOD."
by shirre February 09, 2005
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