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A person who is blindly, fanatically loyal to Nintendo. He will immediately buy anything with the Nintendo logo, mindlessly insult anyone who doesn't share his fanaticism, and would proclaim a blank CD with Mario's face on it to be the greatest game ever made.

See also: Nintendrone, fanboy, moron
by Shinigami August 16, 2003
A phenomenon that happens during oral sex when the performer inhales the pubic hair of the reciever, usually resulting in coughing/vomiting/diarrhea.
"Pubified" is a pretty rad word.
by Shinigami June 30, 2003
j-punk engrish for floating
I've got a red hot chili flozing away.
I've got a red hot chili floating away
by shinigami April 26, 2005
A random lunatic who often runs PSO RPG in IRC, although her players are less than reliable.
This is Mayg speaking. Sit down and shut up so we can start!
by Shinigami May 08, 2004
The Microsoft X-box. A collection of outdated off-the-shelf PC components that were crammed into an oversized piece of plastic and called a game console.
The X-box isn't a console, it's a PC-in-a-box!
by Shinigami March 06, 2005
1. Of or resembling shit.

2. Lame, uncool, or otherwise bad.

3. Microsoft Xbox.
by Shinigami August 18, 2003
Elite. Originated among AOL users who believed that downloading an AOL-hack program made them 1337 h4xx0r d00dZ (elite hacker dudes), and that they were so cool they needed to talk in "code". This resulted in a "language" known variously as h4xX0r353, 13375p33k, 14M3r353, or simply 1337. It is characterized by mispelled words, random capitalization, excessive use of eclamation points, and, wherever possible, numbers in the place of letters. No genuine hacker would be caught dead typing in this manner, except possibly to mock the idiots who actually use it.
d00d 3y3 4m 50 1337!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
by Shinigami September 15, 2003

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