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One who is active within the realm of Facebook but never allows him or herself to be seen as "online"
Notifications - John Doe commented on your status. < one minute ago

Online Friends (0)

"John Doe is such a facebook ninja!"
by Shinejah January 31, 2009
A derogatory word used in name calling. A combination of the word struggleand the traditional def of bucket - "a typically cylindrical vessel for catching, holding, or carrying liquids or solids".
By combining these words your are implying that not only does the person being verbally attacked struggle, but they do it so much or so well, they could fill an entire bucket full of it.
John Doe - "dude, you've been trying to do that for like and hour. Let me do it!"

Guy Smith - "shut-up, I can do it"

John Doe - "struggle-bucket!"
by Shinejah February 08, 2009
first I was :-) then I thought I saw a |:| and I was o_O then I was x_x
by shinejah September 07, 2010

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