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using initials instead of whole words when you text somebody.

Text short hand
I was typing this long text to Don to let him know that Rob was arrested. He used textbonics when he replied "SMH" instead of typing out the entire words for shaking my head.
by shikiboo September 09, 2010
Losing your breath or finding it hard to breath during an orgasm. Feeling an asthma like attack when you climax
I get orgasthmatic every time he makes love to me

Her sex makes orgasthmatic

She's starts hyperventilating when she comes she's orgasthmatic.
by shikiboo February 27, 2010
A cool karaoke performer
Ah man, that's shikiboo she's cool
by shikiboo February 28, 2010
To gossip, to instigate, to tell another person what someone said about them that is not true in order to cause trouble.
The reason they are arguing is because Chuck be bringing bones to Sadie about Mary.

Stay away from Chris, all he is good for is bringing bones and causing drama
by shikiboo June 12, 2010
To expect respect from someone, especially when dating

To command respect.
She has so many respectations. With all of her expectations she commands respect!
by Shikiboo December 14, 2009

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