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To "man up" in a sense and perform a difficult task at any cost, anything from single handedly defeating an opposing team or finishing two large pizzas in one sitting. A team is not necessarily involved. May also refer to an awe inspiring act of epic proportion.
Person 1: "Wow, there's no more soda left so you're gonna have to finish your bottle of Captain straight."
Person 2: "I don't think I can do it dude!"
Person 1: "You have to, we gotta get rid of this tonight!"
Person 2: "Fuck it, I'm gonna put the team on my back and just chug it all."
by shellystrick4L December 27, 2010
When someone is undoubtedly overly intoxicated, typically resulting in that person passing out, ending their night.
Person 1: "Where's Mitch?"
Person 2: "He smoked all his weed and drank all his alcohol and is now passed out on the couch."
Person1: "Oh shit...yeah, he's done for."
by shellystrick4L December 23, 2010
The after effects of receiving a blow job from a girl wearing red lipstick, shading the penis red.
Jerry received a bad case of elmo dick from Tina because she wanted to show off her new cherry red lipstick.
by shellystrick4L January 04, 2011

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