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The December holiday season, composed of Hunukkah, Kwaanza and Christmas.
"Hanukwaristmas" flows a lot better than some of those other mixed up names!
by Shelly Bozdog December 17, 2006
1/2 Vernor's, 1/2 apple juice.
Vapple is, in my opinion, a lot better than either drink separately.
by Shelly Bozdog November 26, 2006
Derives from a combination of "corrected" and "rectified". To make correct.
SB correctified the TJ and AM defs for Hungary by combining them minus the errors.
by Shelly Bozdog August 10, 2006
To remember how to spell PIECE, just think "Piece starts with the sord Pie, as in, I'll have a PIEce of PIE please".
Jack is always asking me for a piece of pie.
by Shelly Bozdog December 09, 2006
The half brother of your half brother or half sister. NO, not YOU or YOUR brother!
MIKE: Hey Honey, this is my bridge brother Alex.

HONEY: Your "bridge brother"? What, do you play bridge together?

MIKE: No. You remember my half brother, Steve?


MIKE: Well, Alex is Steve's half brother on his Mom's side of the family. So Alex and I are not "blood" brothers, so to speak, we're just related by the marriage and divorce and remarriage of our parents.
by Shelly Bozdog June 30, 2006
Pronounced like "cinema". Someone who is BOTH a CNA (Certified Nurses Aid) and an MA (Medical Assistant).

HOSPITAL HR: So, what are your qualifications?

by Shelly Bozdog June 19, 2006
Mountain Dew, Vernor's and #1. White Rum, or #2. Vodka.
I'd like some Cherry Pie ala mode and a Mt. Vernon please.
by Shelly Bozdog June 19, 2006

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