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"Jeb Bush it!" is an exclamation one yells out when one realizes that a contest has been rigged.
2000 Presidential Election ...

AL GORE: "Jeb Bush it!"
by Shelly Bozdog August 10, 2006
Derives from a combination of "Al Gore" and "Florida". A word meaning "this contest is rigged!", as in the 2000 Presidential Election (Gore vs. Bush) where the election was "won" by George W. Bush in Florida (Jeb Bush Govenor) even though Al Gore actually had more votes.
When Dick Bush becomes President ...

The Democrats: "Gorida!"
by Shelly Bozdog August 10, 2006
To snuggle in bed, usually man behind woman.

______ = ARMS
|..........= ABDOMEN
........|...= LEGS
My husband and I 55 every morning for about 15 after the alarm goes off.
by Shelly Bozdog May 02, 2006
Boots or shoes with big tread resembling a waffle iron.
"It looks like someone stomped the victim to death. It looks like the were wearing Mikey Waffle Stompers, men's size 11."
by Shelly Bozdog August 04, 2006
1. A reference to pizza.

2. Often used by new Christians to replace their old habit of saying the name "Jesus Christ" in vain, or superfluously.
Dad was doing some carpentry last week and he hit his thumb with a hammer. He yelled out, "Dog bandit! Cheesy crust, look at my fricken thumb!"
by Shelly Bozdog July 01, 2006
"Dain" having generally fallen out of use in the English language is mostly used today only in its negative form, "disdain". However, "dain" is making a comeback among teens and twenties.

great + dain (admiration, adoration, adulation, awe, esteem, respect, reverance).
VINCE VAUGHN: Jennifer, I look upon you with great dain! And Brad was a fucking retard to dump a red hot angel like you for a red hot slut like Anjolina. They'll probably die of AIDS while we live happily ever after.

JENNIFER ANISTON: Ooohhh!!! That is sssoooo SWEEET!
by Shelly Bozdog June 24, 2006
Soda pop imported from Mexico.
There are several brands of Mexican Soda imported to the USA. They have the usual flavors, but Tamarind, Rose', and Apple are a few distinctly Mexican favorites. Try them, they're good!
by Shelly Bozdog December 09, 2006

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