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moshers are some of the most friendlyest people ever, they speak and they mean no harm unless they come across chav scum,
most people think moshers are mainly boys,but hell no.
at gigs they love to be at the front head banging/moshing.
normally baggy clothes and long ish hair.
chav1: haha look at thah mosha like person mate
chav2: he finks hes well cool innit
chav1: lets go scuff him up
chav2: o sh*t its a girl
mosher: wat the fk do u want
chav2: wats wif tha mosh flop on yer ead?
mosher: o wats that on ur neck?
group of moshas (mainly boys): oi pis* off u scum asss chavs leave her alone

chavs scram and moshers walk off
by shelley1234567 January 17, 2008

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